Modex-2016, one of the world’s largest exhibitions of the latest manufacturing and supply chain equipment and technologies, was held in Atlanta from April 4-8, 2016. The exhibition had over 800 exhibitors from industry, commerce and government displaying their supply chain solutions and innovations on the 250,000 square foot show floor. 

Amongst a large number of international exhibitors, one of the GIBC’s members from India, Kalpar Engineering, had an outstanding booth displaying a range of caster wheels for different industries and plastic crates.  Kalpar Engineers have one of the most modern manufacturing plants in Gujarat, India with the world-class quality control system. Besides catering to the Indian market, Kalpar has also developed a very large export base in Asia, Middle East, Europe and USA.  Dhiru Shah, President-elect, GIBC, spent considerably time at the Kalpar’s booth meeting prospective customers from America, Europe and South America.

Shah also visited several exhibitors’ booths including manufacturers of Automatic guided vehicle systems, Robots, Automatic storage and Retrieval system, Dock and warehousing equipment and Inventory management and controlling technologies. Some of these manufacturers have shown interest in having manufacturing operations in India with  Indian partners. GIBC will follow up with these interested prospective foreign manufacturers and help them tie up with Indian partners for setting up manufacturing plants in India through the GIBC office in Ahmedabad, India.